History of This Creation!!

 About a month ago, my beloved wife, Judy, decided to ‘organize’ the collections of photographs that were accumulating in virtually every room in our house. This collection was composed not only of her own photographs from before our wedding, but the 45 years worth since our wedding in 1962. As if this weren’t enough, she had also added all of her Mothers photos, as a result of her death in November of 2006.

 During this process, I began to think of all the detritus that I possessed, collections of assorted, random pictures, notes, and a huge collection of ‘assumed truths’. Accordingly, as is typical of my thought processes, at 2:00 AM one morning, my thoughts coalesced into the concept of putting it all together in one place, a place to be shared by all concerned. Since I know something about computers, the ideas represented here are the result, and I sincerely hope it is enjoyed by all present and future generations of my family.

 Had I been a LOT smarter, I would have started collecting this data a LONG time ago. But, I wasn’t, so a lot of information is missing. I strongly urge future readers of this material to consider this fact, and plan accordingly.

 That said, HERE WE GO!!


Charles W. Capes II
February 18th, 2007