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OK, where'd the 'Charles' come from? Born Charles Victor Vierow Capes on 1/31/0906, he apparently dropped the 'Charles' very
early in life, as I have never seen the reference ANYWHERE except his birth certificate. Although born in Summit NJ, the Capes clan
apparently lived in New York for most of his life. The 1910 census showed them living in Erie NY, and the 1930 census showed them
living in Cornwall NY. Married to Norma Lucy Deveau in 3/1/1930, they were living at 40 Eadie Place, Staten Island NY when I was
born 2/7/1938.

Vic worked for the Muralo Company at that time, up until 7/4/1945, when we moved to Cornwall Landing, into the house that his
parents had occupied in 1930. There he worked for the US Mail, delivering the sacks of mail and parcels to the various Post Office
branches in the 'town' of Cornwall (Cornwall is composed of 3 boroughs, Cornwall Landing, Cornwall-on-Hudson, and Firthcliff).

Norma and Vic separated in Autumn of 1945. Vic continued to live in Cornwall until approximately mid 1950, when he located in New
Mexico, working for a uranium mining company. In 1953 he met and married Ruby Jennings in Gunnison Colorado. They eventually
settled in Indiantown Florida, but I'm not sure of the date. He died there in August of 1977.

Vic had a lifelong love of the sea, and was around boating wherever he had the chance. He was a skipper with the Staten Island Sea
Scouts for many years. While in Cornwall, he converted an old lifeboat intro a sailing vessel. In Florida, he and Ruby lived for a period
of time on a large cabin cruiser named the 'Kismet'. He was also Harbormaster for many years in Indiantown.

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