As this project progressed, I invariably made errors, changed concepts, added/removed data, etc. Accordingly, I seek the forgiveness of the reader at this time. This is NOT a ‘classic’ genealogical document, but more a way to ‘tie together loose ends’.


I desperately sought a way to combine ‘Web’ technology with the more common methods of genealogical techniques. The ‘timeline’ seemed to suggest a way to easily view the original photos and documents in an ‘associated’ way, easily matching a persons life events with the appropriate dates. Each one is ‘stand-alone’,  and not meant to align with any other.



Slightly more ‘conventional’ in appearance, it is enhanced with the ability to click on a person, and see the more complete details of that person in a paired ‘window’. This is the ‘starting’ point of the system



Accessible only from the ‘tree’ view, they are more detailed views of the persons referenced, and may contain embedded ‘links’ that will jump to a better quality picture, or additional reference(s).

Photo Albums

A 'stand-alone' web page, with a 'Frames' format, allowing you to view a 'thumbnail' image in the preview pane, and see (if desired) a full size image in an adjoining window. There are also comments with each large picture, to aid in identification.