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Laura married Jean William Deveau, also known as 'Willy Smith', and together they had a total of 7 children:

Norma Lucy Deveau (Capes) 7/13/09 - 12/15/2003
Douglas Smith 8/5/11 - 6/1/80
Mabel Smith 11/22/16 - 9/13/45
Dennie Smith 6/21/18 - 9/23/78
Katherine Smith (Amirault) 1/12/20 - ??
Lidwine  Smith 11/11/20 - 8/50
Helen Smith 7/8/24

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                                  Katherine - Norma - Helen

OK, why was Norma named 'Deveau', and everybody else 'Smith'. Well, 'Willy' was actually raised by his
Grandparents, and was known far and wide as 'Willy Smith', so the name sorta stuck. Norma LOVED to
disagree with everyone else in the family, so when she divorced Victor, she assumed the 'correct' name
of Deveau.

Katherine Smith Amirault (Aunt Katherine)

Since there is no other place in this document that seems appropriate, I will use this opportunity to
pay tribute to my favorite Aunt of all time, Katherine. I have never met anyone so full of life, nor have
I enjoyed knowing anyone more. In the 30+ years that my family visited with Norma every year, We
never failed to spend as much time as possible with her.

'Cathy', We love you !!

( I hated being called 'Billy', so I busted her stones with 'Cathy', which she hated,
so that cured the problem)

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