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I sincerely wish I knew more about my Grandfather, but information is sadly lacking.

Born 11/7/1974, he married Frances B. Deane in 1898. They had two sons:

Jean L. Capes 5/2/1900
Victor Vierow Capes 1/31/1906-8/13/1977

I do know that he was President of the Muralo Company in Staten Island NY (both sons also worked there).

My fondest memories of my childhood include summer visits to their mansion(s), and most favorite, each
and every Christmas spent with them. Those were truly classic in nature, complete with fireplace and family dog,
a big Irish Setter named 'Paddy'. I would be remiss should I not mention that I always received ome absolutely
fabulous gift from my Grandparents, the most memorable being a #8 1/2 Gilbert Erector set.
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